Streamline, connect and optimize at every step of your manufacturing process – from demand forecasting, material sourcing, inventory management to sales, distribution and employee collaboration – with digital technology, automation and AI made easy and accessible by Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Manufacturing operations and processes are huge and widely expansive. With so many layers, departments, requirements and fluctuations, the possibility of snags and misses is always present. Not anymore, though! Microsoft Dynamics 365 – a comprehensive suite of smart, intuitive, automation tools, equipped to facilitate digital technology in diverse areas of supply and manufacturing chains – is poised to revolutionize the workings of this industry. Despite the lows manufacturing sector witnessed in the recent years, owing to the post-pandemic, new-normal tumultuous economies and unstable socio-political scenarios – it is expected to experience tremendous growth surge.


Hence, manufacturing software solutions like D365 are here to stay - as they not only virtually unify the assortment of functions and locations, but also integrate digital technology that helps the industry overcome its common, persistent challenges.


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Microsoft manufacturing solutions via Dynamics 365 aid sustainable growth for manufacturing businesses by helping them optimize their operations, deepen their customer relationships, collaborate, plan and source better, maximize investments and equipment longevity, improve throughput, enhance security, safety, sales and much more.


Already many manufacturers have adopted Microsoft D365 manufacturing applications to gain that unmissable competitive edge. Originally conceptualized for the manufacturing sector needs, Dynamics 365 suite can support myriad business models, facilitating multitude of operations, supply chain management functions and centralization of business intelligence and data.


Concerned how Dynamics for Manufacturing could be tailored to your business needs? Well, get in touch with the expert and trusted Microsoft solutions team of atQor here. We can help you plan, understand and choose what works the best for your organization, implement and integrate it with your current systems, enable AI, ML and Mixed Reality features of D365 Project Operations, Supply Chain, Customer Service, Finance or Sales modules. atQor has worked with manufacturing businesses of all sizes and scales in countries like India, USA, UK, Germany, Canada etc. to successfully deploy D365 solutions. We can assist your teams with end-to-end management, maintenance, support or on-demand development services, customized for the enterprises, plants and businesses in the manufacturing sector.

Why atQor as your D365 Manufacturing Solutions Partner?

atQor is trusted Microsoft solutions partner. Having served myriad large, mid-sized and even small manufacturing companies and units, atQor personnel understand the nuances of making the Dynamics 365 suite work for your manufacturing set-up. Some more reasons to trust as your D365 partner –

Custom Solutions:

We work hard to understand what you need & want. We are capable of customizing solutions to integrate the most relevant and useful.

Cost Effective:

Our profound understanding of the MS & D365 platform lets us recommend & choose only those licenses & payment plans that work best for your business.

Microsoft Solution Partners :

As a certified Azure Expert MSP and a partner of the Microsoft Partner Program, atQor ensures keeping its teams always updated and abreast with the latest best practices.

Experienced Experts:

With its 23+ years of experience, atQor brings on board rich insights, gained from having worked to integrate and develop D365 for diverse manufacturing businesses.

Agile & Efficient:

Armed with in-depth understanding of Dynamics platform, we ensure swifter, smarter integrations, custom app development & industry best practices.

Customer is the king:

We have a client-first policy, and our support teams work extra hard to keep your business running seamlessly, long after your project

Benefits of Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing Industry

Getting right information at the right time, taking right decisions and addressing right people and aspects are all very useful in manufacturing sector. Manufacturers need to adapt, stay agile and level up with digital transformation innovations like Dynamics 365 by Microsoft. D365 has numerous benefits, which include –

Delivering Relevant Products And Technologies Delivering Relevant Products And Technologies White

Streamlines supply chains, factory floor operations and back-end office functions to enable people & processes to deliver more.

Data Driven Decisions Blue Data Driven Decisions White

Centralizes data and business intelligence, enables predictive analytics for better & smarter decision making at every step.

Automated Process Management Automated Process Management White

Smoothens & automates routine, repetitive tasks in inventory mgmt., warehousing, sales, distribution etc.; reduces errors & omissions.

Real Time Marketing Blue Real Time Marketing White

Plan and source with confidence with AI enriched forecasting for demand and materials. Employ In-memory services to plan in near-real-time.

Connect Technologies And Data Connect Technologies And Data White

Connect your assets like equipment, machinery, people, data at all levels of operations. Predictive maintenance capabilities with IoT sensors & AI enable faster, in-time resolutions.

Sales Blue Sales White

Strengthen sales, customer relationships, HR & training capabilities, after-delivery service with improved safety, remote assist features, automated sales processes & more.

Challenges faced by the Manufacturing Sector

…and overcoming them with progressive digital innovation like Dynamics 365 process manufacturing solutions - which help businesses keep up with the dynamic landscape of continually evolving markets, customer needs and sprawling supply chains.

Outdated Legacy Systems Blue Outdated Legacy Systems White

Outdated Legacy Systems

Replace with a reliable Cloud-driven network and workflow management platform like Dynamics 365 to modernize and install automation, AI, and IoT.

Resources Wastage Blue Resources Wastage White

Resources Wastage

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP solutions from D365 are geared to automate varied areas into a unified system, giving real-time updates and forecasting capabilities.

Skilled Labor Gaps Blue Skilled Labor Gaps White

Skilled Labor Gaps

Attract and retain skilled human resource assets by creating healthy, collaborative workplace practices with D365. Bind together your workforce with smart workflows.

Technology Resistance Blue Technology Resistance White

Technology Resistance

Simple, easy-to-navigate, self-serving automation features & smart IoT solutions enable & empower chains & workers. Melt the tech-resistance with user friendliness of D365 apps.

Overflowing Data Blue Overflowing Data White

Overflowing Data

Centralize data, harness your business intelligence in real-time to make better, informed, timely decisions. Use predictive analytics and smart sensors to model complex data.

Efficiency & Productivity Snags Blue Efficiency & Productivity Snags White

Efficiency & Productivity Snags

Manufacturing solutions by D365 are tailor-made to melt the boundaries among teams, supply chains and factory floor operations. Errors are reduced, issues are addressed swiftly.

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