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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complete suite of enterprise software solutions, including ERP, CRM, HCM products, and Power BI Reports. The adaptive platform is customizable to user needs, with a dynamic capability to grow with changing business and market landscapes.  


This unique combination of intelligent cloud solutions can help you lead your departments and overall business with seamless data insights and great connectedness at all levels. An expertly integrated Dynamics 365 development process lets organizations verify business and consumer data in one location, measure that data across strokes of business, and entitle a proactive approach to stabilize business results. A good development process ensures increased security, productivity, and efficiency, which leads to great results through predictive, AI-driven insights.

Dynamics 365 Implementation

Dynamics 365 Implementation: Our Proven Approach

Experience seamless integration and enhanced efficiency with our Dynamics 365 implementation. Our proven approach ensures successful deployment tailored to your organization's needs.

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Needs Assessment

Define The Base Strategy Define The Base Strategy White

Planning and Strategy

Configurations Configurations White

Customization and Configuration

Data migration (1) Data migration

Data Migration

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User Training

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Pilot Implementation

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Integration with Existing Systems

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Post-Implementation Support

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Continuous Improvement

Our Dynamics 365 Development Services

Implementation & Development White
Dynamics 365 Implementation 

Adept and empathetic hand-holding and support as you and your organization adapt to a customized tailored bouquet of AI-driven, cloud-based Dynamics 365 functionalities to enhance productivity, collaboration and customer experience.

Customization White
Dynamics 365 Customization 

Your unique business needs, in tandem with your enterprise, customers and human capital, are paramount, as our teams integrate and deploy hand-picked functionalities, workflows, reporting forms and more with Dynamic 365’s suite of intelligent, customizable array.

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Dynamics 365 Licensing

Professional, up-to-date and personalized guidance at every step to pick and choose the most befitting subscription models, licenses, their types – basis requirements, levels and future scalability of your operations – for deriving maximum value.

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Dynamics 365 Migration 

Let our certified, experienced and reliable experts aid you at every step of this significant, transformative process with devout Dynamics 365 Development services, including seamless migration of overall operations/ systems onto the cloud for escalated output, security and functionality.

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Dynamics 365 Integration

Let’s get you in the groove swiftly with our on-point integration and development services, as you use intelligent Dynamics 365 suite processes to revolutionize your systems. We promise seamless, secure melding of your existing intelligence with the latest and best in AI-backed solutions.

Support And Maintenance White
Dynamics 365 Support 

Hold our hands! We are around with time-zone-sensitive, on-demand support and trusted expertise, deployed for quick resolution with minimal downtime, catering to your specific business needs. We have your back through seas of information, regulatory jargon or unexpected situations.


Dynamics 365 empowers businesses with integrated solutions, scalable flexibility, actionable insights, enhanced productivity, improved customer engagement, and cloud-powered agility for streamlined and efficient operations.

Curated Assessments Aligned To Business Solution Curated Assessments Aligned To Business Solution White

Integrated Business Solutions

Dynamics 365 provides a comprehensive suite of integrated applications that seamlessly connect various aspects of your business, promoting smoother collaboration and data flow.

Flexible & Scalable Blue Flexible & Scalable White

Scalable and Flexible

Scale your operations easily as your business grows. Dynamics 365 offers flexibility, allowing you to adapt and customize the platform to suit your unique business needs.

Customer Insights Blue Customer Insights White

Actionable Insights

Leverage powerful analytics and reporting tools to gain actionable insights into your business performance. Make informed decisions based on real-time data and analytics provided by Dynamics 365.

Increase Productivity Blue Increase Productivity White

Improved Productivity

Enhance workforce productivity with intelligent automation and streamlined processes. Dynamics 365 enables efficient task management, reducing manual efforts and increasing overall productivity.

Enhance Customer Engagement Blue Enhance Customer Engagement White

Customer Engagement

Elevate customer satisfaction with Dynamics 365's customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities. Build stronger relationships by understanding customer needs and providing personalized experiences.

Agility & Adaptiveness Blue Agility & Adaptiveness White

Cloud-Powered Agility

Embrace the agility of cloud technology with Dynamics 365. Enjoy the benefits of remote access, automatic updates, and the security of Microsoft's robust cloud infrastructure for your business solutions.

Applications from Dynamics 365 Suite:

Dynamics 365 Consulting services by atqor are designed to offer you end-to-end solutions for all kinds of organizational functions. We offer consulting and development services for the entire D365 suite and applications, namely -

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Diversifying our range of services

Add real-time assistance by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot and automate your tasks with easy issue resolution. Deliver a personalized experience and manage your customer demands using AI-powered tools. 

Dynamics 365 is a suite of cloud-based business applications, designed to bring a unified view of diverse processes and systems in a business. ERP solutions are an integral part of the D365 suite. These intuitive, intelligent tools can help companies take data-driven decisions and enhance functions and connectedness across areas like finances, supply chain, operations, sales etc. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 aims to automate functions, optimize tasks, efforts and resources and enhance collaboration, productivity and growth.

Make faster decisions by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Solutions. Using dynamics 365 for your business can help you quickly adapt to newer scenarios and challenges. Atqor consultants can help you customize these solutions to develop consistent and user-friendly ERP solutions, tailored for your business.

Dynamics 365 by Microsoft also comes with productivity tools for CRM – customer relationship management solutions. You can choose the integrated solution with both ERP and CRM tools or just take the license for the CRM solutions. This can be effectively assessed by our team of certified D365 experts – so you only pay for what you require. CRM software is a great way to effectively enhance the processes of your marketing, sales, customer relationships and services departments.

Using an effective dynamics CRM development can help you meet the business requirements, across various verticals, industries and business functions. You can choose to evaluate the currently used CRM for your business, and get additional or alternative assistance with truly high-tech Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solutions – which are backed by AI and ML. D365 CRM solutions can help you -


With Dynamics 365, Microsoft offers intuitive, AI-backed apps in one neat, unified, user-friendly bundle. It is a cloud-based, secure, high-functioning package of cross-functional business solutions, comprising both CRM and ERP. Needless to say, MS Dynamics 365 caters to a wide variety of demands and businesses – ridding the need to flit between Apps or multiple data transfers.

In a word, yes. All businesses, irrespective of size, stage, and scale - can benefit from the optimum development and deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365. On its own, Dynamics 365 promises a hybrid, customizable set of high-tech systems for various functions, ranging from mundane tasks to growth-centric, critical events, burning regulatory/compliance issues and more.

Partnering with a trusted Dynamics 365 development and consulting service provider is crucial. Invest in an experienced development guide and partner to get the maximum value from your technology investment. A good Dynamics 365 development services company like atQor ensures thorough customization and end-to-end deployment ritual, including migration and support. So you and your business rest easy in safe hands.

MS Dynamics 365 is a full-services, one-stop AI-backed solution for a host of business and enterprise functions, primarily CRM and ERP, preferably via Cloud. The suite offers a variety of Apps, which can be picked, chosen and, if required, licensed as per the unique business needs of any organization. The Apps and services can be integrated with the current functionalities of a business and may also be added or altered, thus offering scalability and flexibility. The curated interface is unified and user-friendly – and can be used for collaboration and data management in the fields of finance, operations, sales and marketing, supply chain, human capital management and customer service. It can cater to almost all industry verticals and sectors. An intelligent implementation and integration service of the Dynamics 365 suite ensures higher flexibility, escalated productivity, heightened connectivity across the board, intelligent data bundling and insights, more efficient workflows, better security and compliance.

The cloud deployment option – which offers full range of functionalities – in Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite uses Microsoft Azure as its cloud platform. This is one of the safest cloud platforms available. Azure is acclaimed globally for compliance, requisite certifications, and integrated privacy. Also, Azure offers a customizable array of security tools, which organizations can pick and choose while integrating their system with Dynamics 365 and beyond – in tandem with their specific infrastructural and operational needs.

Yes, it is, but only with limited capabilities across some functions. On-premises deployments, though, can-Not be hosted on any public cloud infrastructure like Azure. Essentially, Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based solutions suite. The cloud deployment option, thus, offers a full deck of features. It provides a fully Microsoft-managed ERP service for diverse organizational functions. However, some businesses may not opt for cloud due to regulatory, statutory or security reasons. On-premises Dynamic 365 deployments are available/ workable, thence. Contact our MS Dynamics Development experts to know more about system requirements for on-premise and if it is a good fit for your business.

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