Consolidate and empower sales teams, centralize disparate sales/engagement data and unearth customer/market sentiment to forge strong relationships and escalate revenues - with D365 Sales.

Sales is an integral function for any business. D365 Sales seamlessly converges the power of people and processes with AI/ML backed business applications and cloud solutions. With Dynamics 365 Sales platform, Microsoft brings on board actionable intelligence and in-built, responsive intuitiveness via automation, analytics and unified sales resources. You get a treasure trove of brilliant features and powerful tools, like consolidated dashboards, 360 degrees customer view at all touchpoints, sales assistant feature, high adaptiveness and many more. The productivity boost in your sales efforts is exponential, while you also never miss out on even the minutest details on your sales curves and customer behaviors.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales[1]

With Bitscape as your D365 Sales Management Solution provider, you can dramatically accelerate the efforts and rewards from your Sales teams. With Dynamics 365 for Sales services, you gift your personnel an unbeatable ease of navigating through the present-day complex, multi-channel environments. Let your sellers and sales managers focus their efforts on gaining customer trust and building that human connection, as you leave the mundane administrative tasks and complex data challenges to this potent CRM solution. Our certified dynamics 365 consultants, having worked successfully with clients across the globe in countries like America and Australia, will help you migrate, support, and implement Microsoft D365 for Sales swiftly and seamlessly. You can get in touch with one of our Dynamics 365 sales professionals here –


What's been added to Dynamics CRM Sales


Dynamics 365 for Sales is an enterprise CRM solution that helps businesses simplify their sales operations and accelerate digital transformation. The latest edition of Dynamics 365 for Sales offers several new mobile and social features, allowing customers and employees to quickly engage with each other. It also makes it easier for companies to increase sales efficiency and productivity, driving greater sales success and ultimately business success.


The sales optimizations encompass:


Prescriptive analytics:


Dynamics 365 CRM for Sales is the perfect tool for any salesperson aiming to get ahead. It supplies smart predictions for up-selling and cross-selling, as well as quick access to documents from Office Delve, enabling salespeople to easily find the information they require.


Sales Performance:


Dynamics 365 CRM for Sales is a powerful tool to help your sales team reach their goals. It works seamlessly with Office 365 and Outlook, allowing you to easily track, manage, and create contacts, emails, documents and more. Additionally, Cortana integration provides advanced capabilities such as embedding sales activities and accounts in one central hub for easy access.


Intelligent personal assistant:


Dynamics 365 CRM for Sales is an invaluable tool for businesses looking to streamline and manage their sales process. At the heart of this powerful software is a digital personal assistant, Cortana, which gives salespeople a comprehensive, integrated view of their accounts and deals. Additionally, Dynamics 365 offers several features designed to improve customer service, from automated customer follow-ups to an efficient sales process.


Knowledge exploration:


Dynamics 365 CRM Sales and OneDrive for Business have been integrated to provide a streamlined experience to the users. By utilizing this integration, sales teams can access content stored in OneDrive and SharePoint all within their individual CRM record, allowing them to view and work with contextual information all at once.


Document Automation:


Dynamics 365 CRM Sales allows users to create stunning documents such as orders, invoices, product sheets and more quickly and easily. This is done by using pre-built Microsoft Word and Excel templates that automatically pull-out data from CRM. No need for manual exporting or design as the process is streamlined with a few clicks!


Copilot in Dynamics 365 Sales


Adding a copilot feature to your Dynamics 365 Sales provides your user with real-time updates. AI will generate effective responses and meeting summaries stored at a centralized location. Deliver a connected experience by improving your sales with Copilot. 

Key Offerings

Sales Professional White[1]
Sales Professional

The license that allows you all the core capabilities of Sales function. More suitable for companies with small to medium-sized sales teams.

Sales Enterprise White[1]
Sales Enterprise

Additional license for bigger organizations that lets you automate the entire sales cycle – right from the leads to revenues. 

Sales Premium White[1]
Sales Premium

Enterprise capabilities bundled with Sales Insights feature. Unlimited use of Sales Accelerator and Predictive Lead scoring. Conversation Intelligence included.  

Relationship Sales White[1]
Relationship Sales

Combine your Sales Enterprise or Premium license with Linkedin Sales Navigator to sync activities and have more personalized interactions with customers.

Benefits of Sales Platform by Microsoft Dynamics 365

The sales module by Dynamics 365 brings you tons of benefits, including potential customer sources, capabilities to tailor your sales engagement and productivity data and other hugely useful performance metrics. This can be done even on platforms like dynamics shopify and magento – used avidly in ecommerce. Overall key benefits include-

Seamless Collaboration Blue[1] Seamless Collaboration White[1]

Seamless Collaboration within the Sales teams, with other departments and with your customers, helping you communicate well and leverage data to enhance visibility.

Digital Selling Capabilities Blue[1] Digital Selling Capabilities White[1]

Digital Selling Capabilities that offer prebuilt intelligence, helping you engage your consumers at every step, connect across channels and empower teams with intuitive guidance.

Increasing Revenues With AI Backed Tech Automation Blue[1] Increasing Revenues With AI Backed Tech Automation White[1]

Increasing Revenues with AI-backed tech automation – as you minimize mundane, repetitive tasks, working more efficiently, managing sales pipeline from a single workspace.

Deeper Customer Understanding In Real Time Blue[1] Deeper Customer Understanding In Real Time White[1]

Deeper Customer Understanding in Real-time – as you meet your consumers at the right place, know whom and when to engage – and communicate and connect effectively across channels.

Enhancing Teamwork To Convert Leads To Customers Blue[1] Enhancing Teamwork To Convert Leads To Customers White[1]

Enhancing Teamwork to Convert Leads to Customers – as you build and nurture transforming relationships. You keep track of all leads, while you identify the most potential converts.

Better Management Of Sales Cycles & Predictive Analysis Blue[1] Better Management Of Sales Cycles & Predictive Analysis White[1]

Better Management of Sales Cycles & Predictive Analysis – With features like Predictive Lead Scoring and a unified view of the entire Sales funnel, management is more effective, as gaps disappear.

Why Choose atQor as your Dynamics 365 Consultant Partner?

Why do you need a consultant for integrating and implementing Dynamics 365? Well, this ensures you get great value on not only the licensing costs, but also on your efforts and resources like staff and time. atQor has worked in countries like US, India and Canada, and is a great choice as your Microsoft Partner.

Optimized Costs Higher Savings Blue[1] Optimized Costs Higher Savings White[1]

Optimized Costs

Higher Savings – Transparent, Pay-as-you-go Plans - With a trusted partner, you are in good hands, as you put in practice technological innovations.  

Choose Right Customized Solutions Blue 1[1] Choose Right Customized Solutions White[1]

Customized Solutions

Perfectly aligned with what your business or your Sales funnel requires. License only what you need & get high ROI.  

22+ Years Of Experience And Expertise In Delivering End To End Microsoft Solutions Blue 22+ Years Of Experience And Expertise In Delivering End To End Microsoft Solutions White

Experienced Experts

22+ years of diverse industry exposure – Mandatory Certifications- Personnel who is among the best in the industry.  

Support And Hand Holding Blue[1] Continuous Handholding Throughout The Migration Process And Beyond. (Handholding Or Guide) White

Support and Hand Holding

through the entire planning process, consulting, implementation and beyond – Our teams go the extra mile…

Microsoft Partner Trusted, Expert Service Providers Blue[1] Microsoft Partner Trusted, Expert Service Providers White[1]

Trusted, Expert service providers

Microsoft Partner – Trusted, expert service providers for a wide array of Microsoft offerings – In-depth understanding of the MS platforms and services.  

Holistic Dynamics 365 Solutions Blue[1] Holistic Dynamics 365 Solutions White[1]

Holistic Dynamics 365 Solutions

Offer comprehensive consulting for the complete array of D365 applications for various departments in your organization.    

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