Craft digital experience that sparks meaningful insights and delivers 360-degree view on your customers with Dynamics 365 customer insights consulting services. 

Providing specific, tailored, and personalized customer experience and services is the need of modern businesses. With constant changes in the business landscape, shifting customer demands, and technological advancement, the contemporary customer is asking for more. And why not? Digital transformation has accelerated customer expectations and enhanced trust in digital solutions.  


Hence, to pace with customer expectations, demand, and requirements, businesses need a tool to deliver the services that the customer anticipates—tools like Dynamics 365 customer insights that aid businesses in offering personalized customer experience. The application provides a 360-degree holistic view of customers with real-time insights and puts them into action.  

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Moreover, Dynamics 365 CRM for Customer Insights is Microsoft’s customer data platform (CDP) that transforms your business into a customer-centric enterprise by empowering your business through unlocking meaningful observations. Further, with Dynamics 365 customer insights implementation services, businesses can integrate Microsoft and third-party applications. And leverage the advantage of unified customer data and cross-channel insights.   

As globally trusted digital solutions development partner atQor provides agile Dynamics 365 customer insights consulting services. Our consulting services bridge your today with your desired tomorrow developing innovative and modern solutions for your business needs. Our Dynamics 365 consulting services-built product that drives values and revolutionized every industry with latest technologies.


Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights


Give your data analysts and marketers access to use the natural language, save time on lengthy tasks, and get centralized customer insights. Discover more with less effort by unlocking Copilot. 


What you Get with atQor Dynamics 365 Consulting Services?

Exemplary Quality Work White
Exemplary Quality Work

Our focus and attention on quality performance are unmatched. We are not just an ordinary consulting service provider providing resources but strategic technology partners delivering the highest caliber quality projects. We ensure our customers get maximum ROI and satisfaction with our superior Dynamics 365 customer insights consulting services.We concentrate more on long-term relationship rather than working with our customers just “as-a-service” partner.

Professional Grade Solution Development White
Professional-Grade Solution Development

We elite the best talent to develop your solution who blends the experience with fresh thinking. You get access to a pool of over 100 software specialists that aid your software with their expertise and skills to make your product scalable and capable of what's next. We'll build an offshore software development team with the best talents for your project, so your core team can concentrate on optimizing your business objectives. 

Strategic Approach White
Strategic Approach

Our strategic approaches identify unmet customer needs and requirements. atQor's skilled software development team-built Strategic, value-driven business solutions that drive sustainability, agility, and future vision to make your business shine. We reimagine the experience through the eyes of our customers and plan a strategy to build agile Dynamics 365 products that differentiate your brand and loyalty. 

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Resolved Challenges

atQor's talent pool comprises more than 100 multi-skilled and professional developers who can help you at any stage of your software development lifecycle. We have certified developers that can work with your company's complex technology challenges and handle the most challenging technical needs. Partnering with atQor for Dynamics 365 consulting services can help you meet your software development goals faster and can handle the most complex tasks of solutions development.

Dynamics 365 CRM Customer Insights Powering your Various Business Spheres:


Microsoft-powered Dynamics 365 CRM Customer Insights can be implemented within various business spheres. The modernized, intuitive, and insightful CRM aid businesses in having easy visualization of every aspect, provide customized reporting and enhance the visibility of every business operation. Leverage the capabilities of Dynamics 365 CRM Implementation for Customer Insights service for:




Marketing Team –


  • Unify your customer data across the channel. 
  • Automate your marketing campaign. 
  • orchestrate your customer journey in real-time. 


Sales Team – 


  • Connect actionable insights with your sales stacks. 
  • Deliver 360-degree view over customer. 
  • Aid to gain critical context to accelerate deals and enhance customer lifetime value.  


Customer Services –  


  • Deliver Context Aware Virtual Chat Bots  
  • Provides leverage signals such customer sentiments, survey feedback, and NPS.  
  • Enhance customer retention and provide tailor made care.  


Explore the Pricing of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights


Make your business future-ready by empowering the exceptional capabilities of Dynamics 365 customer insights at competitive cost. Get maximum ROI at minimum expenses. 


Leverage the capabilities of AI-generated unifies data and drive personalized experience among your customers within below mentioned price:



*Note: The Pricing of Dynamics 365 customer insights licence pricing are subject to change please visit Microsoft site for latest pricing information.  


Discover How Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Help Businesses Transform their Customer Experience.

Dynamics 365 customer insights transforming capabilities: dynamics 365 customer insights analyze your customer data using AI technology and discover innovative, unified, and 360-degree view insights. The meaningful insights aid businesses with personalized customer experience and enriched customer data. Data that assists firms with enhanced customer services, better decision-making, and agile customer connectivity. 

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Enhance Personalization

Dynamics 365 customer insights implementation services will drive a transforming enhancement across your customer's services with personalized capabilities. With a customer insight platform, organizations can have insights into customer behavior on products and services, purchasing patterns, and a 360-degree customer journey overview. Thus, with such in-depth data analysis on customers, organizations can seamlessly plan personalized customer experiences, products, and services that increase customer engagement and keep customers connected with organizations.

Deepen Customer Insights Blue Deepen Customer Insights White

Deepen Customer Insights

Dynamics 365 customer insights are developed and designed to bring deep customer insights to each customer. Microsoft-powered customer insights platforms unify customer data across multiple resources and deliver actionable data that help organizations to know their customers more precisely and develop a personalized customer experience, services, and products to win customers for life. Moreover, with deepen customer analysis, an organization can uncover valuable insights and trends that can reveal new business opportunities.

Predictive Analysis Blue Predictive Analysis White

Predictive Analysis

Bring your customers into focus with predictive insights powered by AI and ML technologies. With the built-in capabilities of AI, organizations can predict upcoming trends, swift customer choice, and change in demands using Dynamics 365 customer insights platform. Moreover, with predictive analysis, organizations can understand their customers' interests. And seamlessly able to identify the customer at risk and high-valued customers, discover new customer segments, and stimulate cross-sell openings. 



Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is a customer data platform powered by Microsoft. The digital platform stores, organize and manage customer data and process it to deliver actionable insight for business enhancements and development.  

There are various benefits of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights that include: 

  • Automation in marketing, sales, and customer service team. 
  • 360-Degree holistic customer view. 
  • Unlock Insights. 
  • Help to orchestrate personalized customer service. 
  • Enriched customer data. 
  • AI-powered Predictive Analysis.  

Dynamics 365 integration service provider can help you integrate first-party to third-party applications with Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers insights.  

Hire Dynamics 365 implementation service provider for seamless D365 CRM Customers Insights implementation.  

Migrating Customer Insight CRM data on the cloud or migrating data from another CRM Customer Insight platform to a D365 CRM platform is known as Dynamics 365 CRM Migration for Customers Insights.  

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