Centralize, Streamline, Optimize, and Operate Seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain – an enterprise-grade ERP solution by Microsoft to automate and transform supply chain management.  

The journey of movement of raw goods/ ideas to finished products/ services into the market and to the customer is called the Supply Chain. Various organizations and businesses have their way of working their way through their unique supply chain operations. With Dynamics 365 Supply Chain platform, Microsoft aims to help enterprises seamlessly move their operations online and create collaborative, productive and consistently well-managed flexible and highly adaptive supply chains. The Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP solution offered by Microsoft supply chain software – D365 Supply Chain – is a collection of smart, AI-backed, practical business applications, offered as a customizable, highly integrative, licensable-as-you-go platform. D365 SCM automates mundane tasks and empowers organizations to make the most at every step of their operations and supply chains.    


Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Consultant - you can bank upon…


Tie each step to each other in your supply chain, from inventory management, warehousing, production, transport to delivery, sales, response analysis and market strategy – with automation by Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. A trusted Microsoft D365 partner like atQor can facilitate, customize and streamline this process, helping you integrate and implement the apps that work for you. From planning and need analysis – to integrating with current systems and future optimization - to managing with support services and personalized development/ migration solutions – the Dynamics 365 Supply Chain consulting services by atQor are geared to help you maximize your tech investments.


Copilot in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Center


Use Artificial Intelligence features in your Microsoft 365 supply chain business and give an end to all repetitive tasks. Add Copilot to get end-to-end visibility and manage your supply chain with generative AI.


What are the benefits of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Platform?

Smoothen Operations White
Smoothen Operations

Helps product-centric companies revamp their existing ERP, allowing them to enhance collaboration, visibility, clarity and overall profitability. Unleash new ways to increase product quality and production volumes with D365 SCM.

Data Centralization White
Data Centralization

Utilize data and insights extracted at every step at the right time for the right reasons. This helps organizations quickly respond to lapses and new needs/issues. Enhance your forecasting capabilities, collaboration & productivity.

Reduce Infra Costs White
Reduce Infra Costs

Increased flexibility and staff/ customer satisfaction and lowered downtimes translate to optimized costs. Save on on-premises, disconnected, scattered server costs, as you move to a modern cloud solution.

Seamless Integration White
Seamless Integration

Connect your operations across the board with highly efficient and intelligent automation solutions, which integrative with your existing systems, apps and infrastructure. Leverage the power of AI, ML & Big Data for greater growth.

Why choose atQor?

atQor has worked with enterprises, product-centric companies and manufacturers from diverse industries and verticals in countries  like India, Hong Kong, Australia, UK, Canada and America. This helps our D365 consultants bring on board tried and tested practices and strategies, which can help you get the maximum ROI from your Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Platform. Here are some more potent reasons :

Microsoft Partner Blue Microsoft Partner White

atQor is a certified Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP) & a partner of the prestigious Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCPP).

Client First Policy That Ensures Your Specific Needs Are Always Catered To Blue Client First Policy That Ensures Your Specific Needs Are Always Catered To White

We work as per what works for you and your business! Custom solutions & development are our forte. We personalize D365 solutions for your enterprise.

Free Premium Microsoft Support Free Premium Microsoft Support White

From providing end-to-end solutions on mission critical projects for diverse organizational structures to hand-holding your personnel at every step, we truly care.

Over 18+ Years Experience Over 18+ Years Experience White

Over 2 decades of experience of installing & deploying Microsoft solutions and regular training & certifications help us stay ahead & abreast.

Modernize Blue Modernize White

With guidance from adept consultants, get the latest from the Microsoft suite of intuitive and intelligent solutions to revolutionize and modernize your supply chain operations. 

Cost Effective Blue Cost Effective White

Save and optimize on resources, as you choose high productivity, efficiency tools, most suitable for your operations. Pay as you go with our transparent, flexi-pay options.

What can I do with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management ERP?

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Platform is an advanced configured solution that can support and transform your operational and manufacturing flow. It is one of the best tools in the SCM tech market currently. It comes with a host of features and capabilities, which let you - 

Plan Strategically Blue Plan Strategically White

Plan Strategically

Planning & Inventory Management modules of D365 SCM help businesses forge ahead with strategic planning. Come up with data-backed, sustainable and agile plans, using the unified view of diverse aspects of business. Use AI & predictive analytics for forecasting, inventory allocation & more.  

Procure Resourcefully Blue Procure Resourcefully White

Procure Resourcefully

Automate material sourcing & logistics with near-real-time predictive analysis. Secure cost efficiencies as you simplify procurement flows & make smart buying decisions, while managing warehousing and vendors better. Stay proactive to easily scale production & distribution.

Operate Precisely Blue Operate Precisely White

Operate Precisely

Use IoT with D365 SCM to reduce downtime of mission-critical machinery & equipment. Enhance overall accuracy, collaboration & efficiency with intuitive features like automated cycle-counting. ML ensures swifter issue identification & resolution. Use engineering change mgmt. to ensure high accuracy. 

Integrating Data Sources With Power Automate Blue Integrating Data Sources With Power Automate White

Centralize Optimally

Tie together the entire chain to thread the disparate data sources neatly, so you have access to your business intelligence in a unified platform. Extract more value. Ensure efficiency, accuracy, right process & inventory flow and collaborative logistics practices.

Manufacture Innovatively Blue Manufacture Innovatively White

Manufacture Innovatively

Employ IoT and Mixed Reality to create resilient and intelligent manufacturing processes. Manage and streamline better with real-time view and insights on production. Bring in sustainable, new practices with confidence, backed by intelligent automation tools and apps.

Deliver Consistently Blue Deliver Consistently White

Deliver Consistently

Increase throughput, overall efficiency & productivity – as the whole supply chain works more accurately, swiftly, and harmoniously. Deliver what you promise with D365 features like a comprehensive management module, trade allowance management capabilities, ATP data, and more.


Supply Chain platform is an ERP solution offered as a part or separately by the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite. This is an automation feature that offers highly customizable and integrative AI-backed set of smart applications, which can help you streamline the entire supply chain operations in your organization. It helps businesses streamline production, increase efficiency and team collaboration, reduce downtimes, produce/ procure better, automate mundane, repetitive tasks like inventory and warehouse management, reduce wastage, hasten customer returns and overall transform service operations.

Your organization can choose from 3 different ERP modules offered by Dynamics 365 suite – Supply Chain Management, Business Central and Finance & Operations. Which one of these should you choose? The module that would work best for you is chosen best, basis the nature and size of your transactions, data volume and capacity or complexity of operations and data.

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