Deliver excellence for your customers – wherever they are! Help your off-site staff do more with less, empowering your technicians with the right information at the right time, thereby helping them contribute in enhancing overall customer experiences, sales and revenues – with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service.    

Field service teams for enterprises, service providers and manufacturing businesses are the custodians of customer relationships. As they visit client sites, assessing actual operations, they tend to have a real influence on the overall customer experience and thus, satisfaction. With expanding customer demands and expectations – and widespread operations, companies now, more than ever, need their field service technicians to be extremely well-connected with their processes. With Dynamics 365 Field Service solution suite, Microsoft attempts to do that and more. D365 for Field Service helps you provide swift and seamless on-site support to customer locations by empowering mobile field service workers. Organizations can use field service software solutions to save time and money, plan follow-up work, and take advantage of the cross-selling and upselling opportunities.   

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D365 Field Service by Microsoft programme blends process automation, scheduling algorithms, and mobility tools to prepare mobile workers for success, when they are on-site, addressing client issues. The suite is exclusively designed for technicians, off-site engineers, customer service representatives, delivery personnel, drivers and other mobile workers - as well as for the on-site support teams. It enables departments and teams to handle client inquiries seamlessly with AI, machine learning, mixed reality and Azure IoT capabilities. Relevant for all kinds of enterprises, across the world, be it in India, China, U.S., Canada or anywhere else, D365 Field Service can revolutionize the way how your technicians connect with your customers. 


At atQor, we have a team of trained professionals and sector experts to assist you in implementing and integrating Dynamics 365 Field Service Management software. By using D365 Field Service expertise via a trusted Service Partner like atQor – you can enable a variety of solutions. The field service consultant will help you choose the most relevant Dynamics 365 Field Service Licenses, migration services, implementation services, and support services for your organization. This saves you cost and effort, ensuring an optimum use of your time and resources.


Copilot in Field Service


Give your user exceptional services by adding Copilot in Dynamics 365 field services and streamlining critical frontline tasks. Connect with us to draft correct information promptly, creating an efficient flow. 

Why Dynamics 365 Field Service Consulting Services by atQor

At atQor, we have developed specialized solutions that reflect company requirements, based on our expertise, working with field service providers internationally - in the maintenance and manufacturing sectors. atQor attempts to deliver maximum value with most optimum efforts, pricing and downtimes. Other reasons to choose us as your D365 consultant partners.

Proven Results In Implementation, Integration And Solutions For Dynamics 365 Suite Blue Proven Results In Implementation, Integration And Solutions For Dynamics 365 Suite White

Proven Results in implementation, integration and solutions for Dynamics 365 suite.

20+ Years Of Experience In Sharepoint Development Blue 20+ Years Of Experience In Sharepoint Development White

22+ years of in delivering Microsoft solutions. Certified Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP)

Training Training White

Mandatory Training and Certifications – ensuring updated expertise for Field Services at all times.

Client First Policy That Ensures Your Specific Needs Are Always Catered To Blue Client First Policy That Ensures Your Specific Needs Are Always Catered To White

Client-First Policy - to ensure you and your business are the priority as we design your solutions.

Cost Optimization Cost Optimization White

Cost Optimization – Transparent, flexible payment modules; expert consultation to help you choose most relevant licenses.

Support Azure Support Azure White

Support - Multi-cultural, multi-time-zone and round-the-clock support and maintenance.

Key Capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Field Service


atQor is continually emerging as a market leader in innovative digital transformation services. We help our clients enhance their competitive position, revenues, and customer happiness, through well-rounded planning, integration, implementation, development and management of Dynamics 365 Field Services software – which offers the following capabilities -    


Inventory Reserve Management:  


Control inventory updates and stock histories across all locations, including vehicles, depots, and warehouses. Dynamics 365 for Field Service offers real-time updates so that your inventory is always accurate, enabling you to watch your service stock more carefully for fewer write-offs and improved projections. The mobile staff, support workers, technicians, drivers, delivery personnel etc. can manage deliverables, view the real-time position of inventory assets, and stay well connected with main offices - with the Dynamics 365 Field service application.   


Cloud-Smart Scheduling Management:  


Dynamics 365 for Field Service can help in highly productive field services management. Set priorities for tasks and assign it to an appropriate specialist. Simple interfaces like drag-and-drop scheduling boards and maps enable all levels of workers to use it easily. Increase the number of appointments, you can fit into the day, by setting up field service teams and equipment with flexible scheduling choices - that can support dispatcher and customer service representative workflows.  


Contract Management:  


Using field service management software, you may monitor and maintain the accuracy of service agreements and installed items across clients and locations. To facilitate quicker, more accurate billing and assist field service teams in locating new sales possibilities to generate more money, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service gives you greater visibility into contract information.  


Predictive Maintenance:  


Field service solutions assist you in providing preventative maintenance, keeping all goods and equipment in top operational condition, and reducing service calls and client complaints. With the Internet of Things (IoT), connected devices are continuously watched, and if they depart from a regular operation, an alert is sent. As soon as a problem arises, you will be able to recognize and diagnose it, enabling proactive client contacting and remedial actions.  




Field service solutions establish a central area to store, track, organize, and manage all the activities, projects, calendars, stock, and work orders related to your off-site business operations. Having everything in one location gives you a complete insight into all open requests, upcoming service calls, and the status of each of your personnel. This maximizes efficiency to optimum use of the organization's assets for better productivity.   


Digital Transformation:  


Microsoft D365 for Field Service suite is an excellent way to digitally modernize and maximize your business operations – up onto your client locations. This digital transformation aide centralizes your information and processes, enables and empowers workers, teams and tasks, helps you do more with less and brings in the brilliant benefits of AI, Machine Learning, Mixed Reality and IoT to your business. With it your workers get a unified view of all the details related to each customer request – which reduces physical storage issues, human errors or omissions, data loss and much more. Each quote, contract, repair, visit, date, time, place, and personnel involved are recorded to give a thorough overview of the service lifecycle!

Benefits of D365 Field Service

Field Service Management Software Solution by Microsoft offers a multitude of benefits. With it, right field technicians are scheduled at the right time, the field workflow is automated, technicians are provided with proper tools and equipment, and problems in the field are resolved swiftly. Here we enlist major benefits of D365 for Field Services -

Increase Productivity Blue Increase Productivity White

Increase Productivity

D365 suite empowers employees & workers to solve issues faster, using actionable insights, enriched data signals & mixed reality.

Optimize Optimize White

Optimize Operations

Arrange, run or follow up on digital events like live sessions and webinars with Dynamics 365 Events Management capability. Stay on point right from planning and budgeting to registrations, promotions, analytics, lead generation and more.

Timesearch Timesearch White

Just in Time

Address things at the right time with the right people to drive down costs and energy usage. Also, enhance customer & employees satisfaction.

Field Service Blue Field Service White

Transform Field Service

Deliver seamless, highly efficient end-to-end support & service with automated solutions, ML, Mixed Reality and IoT capabilities.

Technology Blue Technology White

World-Class Technology

Empower your off-site service professionals with brilliant Cloud capabilities< Azure IoT, Machine Learning & Mixed Reality tools.

Customer Service Blue Customer Service White

Deliver Connected Customer Service

Get more from your business intelligence as you tie together disparate marketing insights and data sources across channels and departments, and get real-time data and analytics on marketing campaigns, events and more.

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