Focus only on what matters the most! Realign and reform the rest with digital automation solutions by Microsoft Power Automate Development

Discover a fresh approach to manage and smoothen everyday repetitive tasks with Automated Workflows and Customized, AI-driven Automation Solutions by Power Automate from Microsoft's Power Platform. With expert Microsoft Power Automate Consulting Services, we have your back as you seek to automate your business functions with this fantastic, AI-driven platform with immense possibilities and potential – for enterprises of every size and scale. As a trusted Microsoft Partner, atQor has successfully worked with myriad organizations across the globe, in countries like America, Canada and Australia.


Make every day at work easier, more efficient and more productive with Power Automate – which helps create automated workflows around your business operations between your preferred apps and services. With its latest features, this revolutionary software allows you to integrate innovative AI features, adding unparalleled intelligence and coherence to team functionalities, file syncing, notifications, data driving and more. Automate your legacy system on SAP seamlessly with the Power platform. With its latest updates, you can also enjoy native integration with Excel online. Select the best and most fruitful with expert guidance. Take advantage of atQor's trained and trusted Power Automate Development and Consulting services to revolutionize how your enterprise works and collaborates.



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Strengthen the workflow of each organizational operation, starting from individual tasks to large-scale systems in no time with seamless integration through hundreds of prebuilt connectors. Thanks to Power Automate's low-code, no-code, drag-and-drop guided experience, even the non-technical teams in your enterprise can be empowered to create their workflows and automate routine tasks, expedite approvals and take advantage of numerous built-in AI capabilities. As one of the leading Microsoft partners based in India, we have helped numerous companies in the Indian subcontinent get the competitive digital edge with Power Automate.  


Power Automate at your Fingertips…


Enjoy enhanced automation and work flexibility as you create, use, and manage organizational flows across devices and platforms. Automate your desktop flows with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capability in Windows with Power Automate Desktop. You can also use Power Automate for Mobile to continue your workflow automation journey – even when you are on the go!

Power Automate Web connects and organizes your functions on the cloud, while Power Automate for Microsoft Teams lets you trigger automated workflows straight from MS Teams data. Activate notifications, email messages, approvals and alerts within Teams - with this useful feature. No more flitting between the apps and multiple windows! You may be in a developed nation like United States of America or Canada, or in a fast growing economy like India or China – Microsoft Power Automate has the ability to change the way you do your business or address customer grievances. 

Last but not least, meld the benefits of low-code development with your flows using Dataverse Power Automate. MS Dataverse is the underlying data platform for Power Platform. It lets you store and manage data for multiple business applications and integrate natively with other Microsoft Power Platform services.


Copilot in Power Automate


Adding Copilot in Power Automate gives users a conversational experience to build, set up, and run automation. Copilot makes the right improvement where necessary and provides accurate and relevant information based on your personalized results. 

With atQor – Get the Latest in Microsoft Power Automate

Work Smart White
Work Smart

…with functionalities like intuitive AI-based co-pilots, customizable approvals and flows, pre-built templates and easy-to-follow example workflows.

Work Swift White
Work Swift

…by cutting monotonous, manual work and red-tapism. Custom approvals, notifications and data flows allow more autonomy to staff, expediting the organizational work process.

Latest And The Best White
Latest and the best

Our consultants select the newest features, like multi-lingual support for automating invoices, data extraction from free-form documents and fantastic AI co-pilots.

Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime White
Anywhere, Anytime

With expert guidance, Power Automate integration is simple enough for non-tech personnel too. Also, enjoy great integration capabilities with independent software vendors like WorkFusion.

Power Automate Consulting Services by atQor

Our dedicated Power Automate Development teams help you select, fine-tune and deploy the latest, most useful and most suitable (for your business) features from the brilliant array of options available. Our developers keep themselves updated with the latest in technology by Microsoft and M365 domain to ensure our clients get the best ROI on their Power Automate projects.

Team Of Certified Power Automate Developers Blue Team Of Certified Power Automate Developers White

Certified Microsoft Partner with a dedicated team of certified Power Automate Developers

Integrating Data Sources With Power Automate Blue Integrating Data Sources With Power Automate White

Proven expertise with Microsoft 365 and Power Platform – and integrating myriad data sources with Power Automate

Experience Across Industry And Business Blue Experience Across Industry And Business White

Experience across industry and business verticals to streamline operations of all kinds, sizes and scales

Custom Connectors And Premium Connections Blue Custom Connectors And Premium Connections White

Development to Deployment solutions using Dataverse, RPA integration, Custom connectors and Premium connections

Built In Sample Test Management And Workflow Intuitive Workflow And Improvised Approvals White

In-depth experience with the SharePoint platform and thorough hand-holding and guidance, allowing your team to create their own workflows

Customization, Troubleshooting Blue Customization, Troubleshooting White

On-Demand Customization and Support for flow creation/ fixing, implementation, and troubleshooting

Power Automate Development Services by atQor

Power Automate Consulting Blue Power Automate Consulting White

Power Automate Consulting

Let our dedicated consultants understand and analyze your business requirements, enterprise structure and challenges to help you plan and adopt the best Power Automate adoption or operational strategy.

Integration Blue Power Automate Integration White

Power Automate Integration

Get the best value for your investments with our experienced and certified team. We help you integrate default connectors and functionalities offered by Microsoft – in a unified, simple-to-use solution, customized to your enterprise.

Power Automate Managed Services Blue Power Automate Managed Services White

Power Automate Managed Services

Manage your Power Automate-backed enterprise system seamlessly with atQor's dedicated services, which ensure thorough checks, swift resolutions, relevant updating, custom workflows, data loss prevention compliances and more.

Power Automate Design Blue Power Automate Design White

Power Automate Design

With detailed analysis, we curate robust, sustainable and secure Power Automate processes tailored to individual requirements. Choose from functionalities like Pay as you go Licenses, Dataverse-based privacy solutions, custom connectors, and premium connections.

Migration From Legacy To A Modern Flow Blue Migration From Legacy To A Modern Flow White

Migration from legacy to a modern Flow (legacy migration)

Cut back on costs and stress of transformative digital processes like Migration. Our Microsoft Power Platform Consulting wizards ensure strategized, secure, seamless migration from manual, legacy processes to contemporary cloud apps like Power Automate and PowerApps.

Power Automate Support Blue Power Automate Support White

Power Automate Support

We hand-hold you, your team and operations as we develop and deploy customized Power Automate solutions for your business workflow needs. With end-to-end solutions and support, we help you stay updated, glitch, and geared up for enhanced task management and efficiency.


Any business looking to automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and improve overall efficiency can benefit from Power Automate development consulting. This includes businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.

Power Automate is a public cloud-based service only. However, your Power Automate development experts or tech team may help you connect securely to your on-premises services using an on-premises data gateway.

Power Automate platform comes with available governance, privacy and data-loss-prevention technology. This makes the platform largely safe, albeit a few vulnerabilities due to its ease, wide availability and highly customizable nature. Dataverse is the underlying data platform for Power Platform components. Its security features are applicable for Power Automate. Besides the safety and privacy features offered by Microsoft, organizations, typically, need to put in place their own internal security roles (admins with special access) to ensure complete security and privacy of their flows and processes. These are called Process Advisors – which can be created using the Process Advisor Application. The process advisor depends on environment security and Microsoft Dataverse security roles and privileges. Likewise, other custom privacy tools and privileges can be added with Dataverse – for an enterprise's Power Automate suite. Get in touch with expert Power Automate Consultants by atQor to safeguard your Power Automate processes.

Power Automate uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) backed acumen to boost, organize and streamline your business. As the name suggests, flexible, intuitive and scalable, Power Automate can help automate many of your business functions. It increases efficiency and autonomy across departments and can streamline day-to-day tasks and mundane jobs. Its no code, low code, drag-and-drop functionality makes it simple enough to be used by non-technical personnel in any organization. Once an expert Power Automate understands the automation scope in your current scheme of things and your specific business needs, they can employ a detailed plan to implement and integrate it with your system, functionalities and workflows.

  • Workflow development: Consultants can design and build custom workflows to automate specific business processes.
  • Integration services: Consultants can help integrate Power Automate with various applications and services used by your business.
  • Process analysis: Consultants can analyze your current business processes and identify areas for automation.
  • Deployment and support: Consultants can help deploy your Power Automate workflows and provide ongoing support.

The cost of Power Automate development consulting can vary depending on the complexity of your project, the experience of the consultant, and the location. However, most consultants offer hourly rates or project-based pricing.

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