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In this age of AI with the hasty world of digital transformation and cut-throat rivalry in implementing technology in the organization, dynamics 365 implementation services are a godsend for your business. The successful implementation of the Dynamics 365 solution can be game-changing for organizations, allowing them to understand their customers better, make data-driven decisions, and enable businesses automation in every business sphere.   


Dynamic 365 implementation aids businesses with a quick and hassle-free solution to achieve maximum return on their investment. Additionally, Dynamics 365 offers seamless integration of other Microsoft solutions like office 365, Azure, and Power BI. The seamless implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365, along with different Microsoft solutions, can help businesses leverage the Microsoft ecosystem's full power and develop a truly connected and integrated business environment.

Dynamics 365 Implementation

With atQor, the organization can influence a complete suite of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions and aid businesses in gaining a competitive advantage, achieving customer satisfaction, and driving business growth. We can efficiently supply, manage, and serve high-quality dynamic 365 solutions and implement them successfully with the collective efforts of our professional team, together with omnichannel and seamless capabilities.

We Embrace 360 Degree change and Drive Transformation Because…

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We are Azure Expert MSP

We are certified Azure Expert MSPs who follows the best practice of cloud implementation and Azure technologies and have a deep, proven understanding of cloud architecture, implementation, and deployment services. We aid businesses to connect with cloud capabilities to transform their businesses from traditional ways to innovative pathways through our trusted cloud implementation services.

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We are Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner

We are one of the unique enterprises that achieve the premier status as Microsoft Cloud solutions partner. We are proudly the first Microsoft cloud solution partner worldwide, attaining all six Microsoft Solution Area badges. Our achievement validates our skill set, commitment, and dedication toward our work and operations.

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We have Two Decades of Experience

atQor has been serving IT solutions to their reliable associates for the past 21 years. We are the trusted IT solution partners of more than 700 customers worldwide with more than 1500 project delivery skills and practices. Our implementation services are offered in Canada, the USA, India, and more.

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We are Equipped with Skilled Mavens

atQor has achieved the premium status of Microsoft, demonstrating the capabilities of our dedicated, skillful, and professional grade mavens. We are armed with experts with more than 75 years of combined experience and craft solutions your business requires with their skills, expertise, and lethal knowledge.

atQor Business- Centric Dynamics 365 Implementation Services:

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Dynamics 365 Implementation Services for Retail

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Dynamics 365 Implementation Services for Healthcare

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Dynamics 365 Implementation Services for Manufacturing

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Dynamics 365 Implementation Services for Finance & Banking

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Dynamics 365 Implementation Services for E-commerce

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Dynamics 355 Implementation Services for NGO’S & Government

Why Organization need Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner?

To properly adopt and utilize the full potential of the Microsoft D365, a company needs a Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partner for a various reason. Here are a few of the main explanations:








Knowledge And Experience Blue Knowledge And Experience White

Knowledge and experience

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partner have the skills and experience needed to lead the organisation through the deployment process. They can assist in determining the needs of the firm, configuring the solution, and tailoring it to certain business requirements.

Best Practices Blue Best Practices White

Best practices

Based on their previous experience working with companies in the same industry, an implementation partner can bring industry-specific best practices to the table. They can offer advice on how to best optimise the solution for utmost efficacy and efficiency.

Reduced Implementation Time And Expense Blue Reduced Implementation Time And Expense White

Reduced implementation time and expense

By utilizing their existing knowledge and resources, an experienced implementation partner can assist in reducing implementation time and expense. They can spot possible problems early on and deal with them immediately, reducing the possibility of delays and extra expenses.

Integration Without Hiccups Blue Integration Without Hiccups White

Integration without hiccups

By ensuring smooth connectivity between Dynamics 365 and other Microsoft products like Office 365, Power BI, and Azure, businesses can build a truly connected and integrated business environment.

Support After Installation Blue Support After Installation White

Support after installation

An implementation partner can offer post-implementation help to make sure the solution keeps up with the needs of the organisation and develops to meet shifting business requirements.

Ongoing Improvement Blue Ongoing Improvement White

Ongoing improvement

To assist the company in continuously enhancing and maximising its usage of the system, a Dynamics 365 installation partner can offer on-going assistance and direction. They can support the company in making data-driven decisions based on the solution's insights, implementing new features and functionality, and identifying areas for improvement.


The entire implementation and installation project for Dynamics 365 can take anywhere from 12 weeks to a few months, depending upon the number of modules you choose types of customizations you require, additional requirements business may have, the size, scale and current practices of your business and a few other considerations. The time is usually taken in total for end-to-end deployment – and each stage may take a variable amount of time and investment, basis the aforementioned factors.

This is dependent on the whole size of the project, organization and its team, and also on the number of licenses one chooses to buy and modules, customizations, integrations one needs to deploy. For further information, please reach out to our representatives via the "Contact Us" section.

Basis the initial discussions, planning and requirement gathering, a detailed plan is formulated, and the following steps are followed – 


  • Strategic Planning  
  • Careful Evaluation of the current systems and tools
  • Need analysis
  • Every function must be comprehended
  • Multidisciplinary teams are created
  • Project Leadership is assigned
  • Migration, if required, analysis is done, and the process is carried out
  • Integration is carried out with existing systems and Microsoft solutions
  • Final installation and deployment
  • Support – during and after the implementation  


Get ready to manage your projects more fluidly without additional costs or project risks. atQor has a team for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that offer assistance and onboarding resources whenever you need them. With understanding the painful points in your project, our team responds accordingly. 

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