Develop new solutions for your business and end-users by connecting to Dynamics 365 customization and configuration service partners. 

With 20+ years of experience in offering Microsoft Dynamics Solutions, we have an expert team in Dynamics 365 Customization. We bring solutions like MS Dynamics implementations, MS Dynamics training and support, MS Dynamics integration, and other MS Dynamics development and customization.  


Our expert consultant integrates Microsoft Dynamics with other platforms and helps your business grow globally. Additionally, make your business easy to connect with various systems while avoiding communication gaps from one system to another. We have in-depth knowledge of the top cloud-based companies and offer tailor-made solutions for clients of all industries. Access users' specific needs easily and unlock innovative business processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 customization. 


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Business capabilities you get along with Dynamics 365 Customization

Dynamics 365 Consulting Services White
Dynamics 365 Consulting Services

As an excellent Dynamics 365 consulting partner, we support customers to plan, automate, and execute tasks while building excellent customer relationships. Connect to our Dynamics 365 consulting services team and get guidance regarding sales, services, finance and operations, talent, and marketing. 

Dynamics 365 Integration Services White
Dynamics 365 Integration Services

As a Dynamics 365 development partner, we help in workflow automation to make smarter decisions and easily align your business operations. Additionally, integrate Dynamics 365 CRM to align business operations and offer business agility without limits. 

Dynamics 365 Development Services White
Dynamics 365 Development Services

Use Microsoft Dynamics for ERP and CRM to accelerate your growing business. Increase the overall quality and get elegant solutions with the help of our Dynamics 365 development team. As a Microsoft solution partner, we help organizations to create personalized workflows and integrate them with other systems. 

Dynamics 365 Customization Services White
Dynamics 365 Customization Services

Using our Dynamics 365 customization services, our team defines business processes by adopting various capabilities that best fit your business requirements. As a Microsoft D365 Partner, we help users to build and derive customized solutions by adding tools like Power Suite, Common Data Model, and Common Data Services.

Why Partner with our Dynamics 365 CRM Customization?

120 Microsoft Certified Engineers 120 Microsoft Certified Engineers White

Certified Microsoft Dynamics Developers

Quality Assurance Of Implemented Integration White Quality Assurance Of Implemented Integration White

Quality Solutions

Security Audit Blue Security Audit White

360 Degree Security

Timely Delivery Blue Timely Delivery White

On-Time Delivery

100% Client Satisfaction Blue 100% Client Satisfaction White

100% Success Rate

Focus On Customer Satisfaction Blue Focus On Customer Satisfaction White

Customer Satisfaction

atQor Unlocking Possibilities with Dynamics 365 Customization

Harness Modern Technologies Blue Harness Modern Technologies White

Harness Modern Technologies

By using Dynamics 365 customization solutions, save time and money to leverage custom opportunities and build cutting-edge technologies to reduce the amount of workforce. Increase efficiency and accuracy along with managing your business operations globally.  

Making Informed Decisions Blue Making Informed Decisions White

Making Informed Decisions

Our Microsoft Dynamics solutions help you gain insights that ultimately support you in making informed decisions. Additionally, our Dynamics 365 CRM customization solution drives more sales and tracks the performance of individual resources in real-time.  

Get Unified Data Sources Blue Get Unified Data Sources White

Get Unified Data Sources

Our Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement CRM services are part of a unified process. As a Dynamics 365 Customization Partner, we assist you in unifying the data in one place. Moreover, unified data helps to improve data management and handle complex tasks automatically.  

Ensuring Compliance And Data Quality Blue Ensuring Compliance And Data Quality White

Ensuring Compliance and Data Quality

As the best Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM customization and configuration service provider, we provide excellent security options along with monitoring the performance and preventing unauthorized data access.  

Keeping Up With Customer Demand Blue Keeping Up With Customer Demand White

Keeping up with Customer Demand

Our Dynamics 365 CRM experts offer a great way to improve customer experience by modifying the application's design and increasing security. We use modern tools to match up with the individual's functionality and lead the ways to grow business processes globally.  

Seamless Integration Blue Seamless Integration White

Seamless Integration with Improved Productivity

Use powerful technology like Dynamics 365 CRM customization services to get excellent business solutions. Connect to our D365 customization partner and handle sensitive data with seamless integration and increased quality.  

Custom CRM Capabilities from Dynamics 365 Apps

As one of the best Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners, we help to run your business in more efficient way. We are specialized in offering excellent CRM element for your Dynamics 365 app requirements. Our D365 consultant aims to improve processes and build strong relationship to gain clear business view. Check few of our custom CRM capabilities.  


Configuration is carried on during the implementation process. At the same time, customization enhances software capabilities to tailor the user needs. With over 20+ years, our Dynamics 365 Consultant helps to implement, build, and maintain the D365 CRM systems to achieve better results. As certified Microsoft professionals, we use customization and configuration to innovate and undergo continuous training to ensure excellent quality and experience.  

There are several D365 customization practices used to write code and perform better. A few of them are listed here: 

  • Using multiple threads. 
  • Allow systems to create GUIDs. 
  • Use early bound types. 
  • Disable plug-ins. 
  • Limit the data you retrieve. 
  • Limit operations to related entities. 

Dynamics 365 customer engagement is a cloud-based customer relationship management system that helps businesses engage and revolutionize sales and field service and offer the best customer services. Using D365 Customer engagement, users can track and manage interactions with existing customers and optimize the customer-oriented workflow. Additionally, one can improve the relationship through sales and marketing funnels. 

As we know, no two businesses are the same so as CRM. A few reasons to choose CE for your business are: 

  • To change features. 
  • To enhance platform capabilities. 
  • To optimize software processes. 
  • To make customer engagement work better. 

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