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Get advanced care for your software to streamline your infrastructure and maximize business productivity with Dynamics 365 Support Services. 

Leverage the advantage of uninterrupted, streamlined, and reliable support services and solutions that prioritize customer satisfaction and loyalty with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support Services. With the rapid change in the business landscape, infrastructure, and technological advancement within businesses, maintaining servers, storage, and networking has become more complex and complicated. Hence, enterprises need the right IT support solution for business continuity, streamlining business operations, and seamless enterprise functionalities.


We, atQor, are efficient and qualified to provide high-quality, multi-channel, and intuitive support services and solutions that ensure business continuity, superior IT support, and cost-effective IT solutions. atQor offers tailor-made Dynamics 365 support solutions that take care of your IT system and provide high-caliber expertise that grows your business at scale, meeting your demands and business objectives.

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We See Things a Little Differently:


To make your business thrive and to keep your business up to date with the constantly changing IT landscape, we as Dynamics 365 support solution provider focus on customer experience and encourage innovation. To stand out from the competition and provide customers with the best possible experience we see things a little differently.


We Induce Automation – To assist clients more quickly and effectively we offer automation solutions to speed up procedures and cut down on response times. Moreover, automation can free up IT support staff time so they can concentrate on more difficult jobs that need their assistance.


We Encourage Innovation – We stay updated with the latest technology and encourage innovation to provide you support that is equipped with edge-cutting technologies. Instead of depending on conventional tactics, we are exploring innovative technologies and methodologies to address client challenges.


We Embrace Proactive Maintenance – As Microsoft Dynamics 365 support service providers we have a pro-active strategy – Rather than waiting for clients to report concerns; we keep an eye on networks and systems and look for potential issues before they become major problem. As a result, system performance is enhanced, downtime is decreased, and customer satisfaction is increased.


We Develop Community – We built a community for users who can support one another and exchange expertise, which can lighten the load on the IT support staff to create a more engaged and devoted client base. This can be accomplished through social media, online forums, or other platforms that allow users to connect with one another.


We Customize Support Solutions – Every company has different technological needs and requirements. We, atQor think a little differently by providing specialized solutions that are catered to the unique requirements of our clients. By holding consultations and offering a variety of Dynamics 365 services we offer customize support solutions that can be mixed and matched to achieve client objectives and needs. 

Support Services that Demonstrate How We Work

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Reactive Support (Standard)

It is a typical support service where we help enterprise in break-fix scenarios, in such support solution we wait for the customer to report a problem or an issue before taking any actions.

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Proactive Support (Professional)

With this method, we offer support solution that continually monitors the client's systems and infrastructure for prospective problems and responds to them before it gets worsen. Such strategic approach from atQor is type of support that help customers before they need to contact our support team.

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Hybrid Support (Unified)

To offer a hybrid solution that is more comprehensive end-to-end support, we blend reactive and proactive support covering all technologies. This can entail keeping an eye on the client's systems for prospective problems and helping when problems do occur.

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Assisted Support

On-demand support refers to support that received by client when needed. This could entail offering help for initiatives or tasks, as well as offering support during times of high demand. We offer required tools and solutions to client whenever required through our experience and skilful expertise.

atQor set a cohesive Microsoft Dynamics 365 support that reinforces all initiatives. With a range of support services, we focus on providing support from one unified platform over the Internet to the client’s computer system with cost-effective and creative full-service support solutions that reduce the effect of accidents on worker productivity.


Hence, to enable such features we atQor support group and experts works on four above mentioned important areas to make all of this possible.

Experience Our Agile Strategic Support Services

Project Planning Blue Project Planning White

IT Strategic Planning

Backup And Disaster Recovery Blue Backup And Disaster Recovery White

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Dedicated Team Blue Dedicated Team White

Dedicated Team for Troubleshooting

Data migration (1) Data migration

Strategic Cloud Computing Migration

Optimization Blue Optimization White

Network Design and Optimization

Training Training White

Deliberate Training and Development

Silver Security Blue Silver Security White

IT Security and Compliance

Outsourcing Blue Outsourcing White

Strategic Outsourcing

Thorough Assessments Blue Thorough Assessments White

IT Auditing and Assessments

Drive Care Through Dynamics 365 Support Plans


Accelerate your journey toward Dynamics 365 support services that afford you peace of mind with cost-effective support.  


Standard Support Services – If you have license or purchased any Dynamics 365 product then standard support services are included into it. So, you do not have to spend extra for standard support services if you have adopted any Dynamics 365 services.


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Professional Direct (Proactive) Support Services – Business with on-going professional or production environment or working project should leverage the benefits of professional direct services. Available at the affordable price of $9 per user/month.



Unified Enterprise Support Services – Unified support services are also referred to as custom support services since they may be developed and created to meet the demands of an organization's objectives and ambitions. So, it requires the assistance of a sales professional to obtain its pricing. Users may choose the technology they require and receive accurate pricing from sales representatives because it covers all Microsoft technologies.



*  Prices are subject to change as per Microsoft updates and advancement please visit Dynamics 365 Support for latest plans. 

We Power the Elements that Drives Agile Support Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps businesses focus on their core operations and tasks by avoiding the risks of lower efficiency and achieving optimal systems performance. Our experienced Dynamics 365 Consultants deliver satisfactory results and solutions for customers' technical issues with the necessary product knowledge. Microsoft Dynamics 365 support services include distinct features that enhance urgent assistance. Get an overview of some exceptional features below:

Enhance Customer Engagement Blue Enhance Customer Engagement White

Enhance Customer Engagement

Utilize Microsoft dynamics 365 support to minimize complex issues and queries of different products that boost customer engagement in your organization.

Support For ERP Services Blue Support For ERP Services White

Support for ERP Services

Hire dedicated support services for ERP solutions to optimize and collaborate business tasks effectively. Meet your business needs and resolve client issues in the diversified finance and operations section of the D365 ERP applications.

Advanced BI And Analytics Services Blue Advanced BI And Analytics Services White

Advanced BI and Analytics Services

A team of BI and analytics experts transforms your obstacles into opportunities using advanced intelligence functionality. Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 support services help your managers identify all the issues and resolutions for specific D365 applications in a centralized dashboard.

Validate Multiple Applications Blue Validate Multiple Applications White

Validate Multiple Applications

Businesses can receive immediate support from many applications, including the latest technologies, SQL Server, and Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

Preventive Maintenance Services Blue Preventive Maintenance Services White

Preventive Maintenance Services

This outstanding feature safeguards the business-critical preventive maintenance tasks and processes scheduled in the dynamics 365 ticketing system.

Instant Help Desk Support Blue Instant Help Desk Support White

Instant Help Desk Support

The help desk support for Microsoft dynamics 365 applications delivers guidance to solve technical issues according to your business needs. Deliver a timely response to urgent queries with functional help.


Several degrees of support are available through Microsoft Dynamics 365, including technical help, product support, and consulting services. The software's installation, configuration, and troubleshooting are all covered by technical support. Product support aids in comprehending the capabilities and functionalities of the software, while advisory services provide advice on how to best use Dynamics 365 for business goals.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 help is available via several channels, including online chat, email, phone, and by opening a support ticket on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 portal. Microsoft also offers a discussion board where people may share knowledge and post queries.

The length of time it takes to respond to help inquiries varies according to how serious the problem is. Microsoft provides various service level agreements (SLAs) for various support request categories. For instance, essential issues receive a response in 30 minutes, however less serious issues can take up to 4 hours to receive one.

For urgent problems, Microsoft Dynamics 365 assistance is available around-the-clock, every day of the year. Support is accessible during regular business hours in the area where the customer is located for non-critical situations.

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