Do more – with less. Let Power Platform transform your business processes with data-driven solutions, automated environments, optimized resources and swift, tailored, low-code app-development. 

Times are changing – and how! Digital Transformation is the key ahead. As our organizations march on, via the progressive digital trajectory, we create hoards of data and processes. Stitching it all neatly, so it contributes meaningfully and insightfully to the organizational growth and collaboration, is an important end to digitization and automation. Now, we can achieve this - and more - with Microsoft Power Platform. 


Let’s focus on creating value for our enterprise, as we enhance business processes with automation, integrate and manage data efficiently and work smartly with AI, all the while tying mundane ends of business together - with Power Platform. The intelligent, inclusive suite of functionalities and IT capabilities comes with a bouquet of readymade applications as well as allows for quick and cost-effective low code application development.

Microsoft Power Platform

Power Platform Development and Consulting Services by atQor


When we partner with a trusted Microsoft services partner like atQor, the journey ahead of integrating, developing, deploying and using Power Platform is smooth and stress-free. atQor’s comprehensive Power Platform Consulting Services help organizations explore all the excellent technologies offered by Power Platform, including Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents. Our teams have consistently delivered excellent results, while working with diverse clients from India, USA, Europe, Canada etc.


Power Platform Consulting teams at atQor begin with understanding client needs, current operations and legacy systems. They employ industry relevant best practices, in-depth know-how and consistently updated Microsoft and IT approaches to deliver customized, high value solutions for clients. This lets our customers choose from off-the-shelf functionalities by Power Platform, and also build bespoke applications and solutions, as and when needed. New businesses, small set-ups, start-ups, huge organizations with outdated legacy systems, individuals, companies with non-existent tech-capabilities or in-house IT teams – and even large conglomerates with sophisticated business processes – in US, India, UK or anywhere else – are all set to gain from atQor’s astute Power Platform expertise. Connect with one our representatives today here.


Copilot in Power Platform


 Get ready to leverage AI and Copilot in Microsoft Power Platform to generate automated workflow and build applications with less code/no code. Harness AI automation for invoice processing, document analysis, and building professional websites. 

Why should I choose Microsoft Power Platform suite?

Streamlines Document Creation White

Combines and allows users to manage various operations and processes from a single platform.

Low Code No Code Business Development White
Low Code

This aspect ensures bespoke solutions, faster development cycles, resource optimization and effortless transitions.

Dependencies Increment On External White

Helps in reducing dependencies on third-party tools, while allowing users to perform tasks through any device.

Cost Effective Solutions White

Offers ready infrastructure, so app-development is swifter and time and budgets effective.

Why choose atQor as your Power Platform partner?

Trust in the best! A certified MSP, atQor offers consulting and development services for the entire Microsoft bouquet of solutions – perfect to revolutionize and digitally transform your business.

Partner Portal Partner Portal White

A leading trusted Microsoft Partner for Power Platform

Experience Across Industry And Business Blue Experience Across Industry And Business White

Experience across diverse industry verticals and sectors.

Support And Maintenance Blue Support And Maintenance White

Continuous support for integration, migration and maintenance.

Guiding Policy Guiding Policy White

Client-first policy that leads to enterprise-centric tailored solutions.

Audit Trail And Archive Capability Audit Trail And Archive Capability White

Helping you make the most of the brilliant Power Platform capabilities.

Managed Cloud Services Managed Cloud Services White

Expert guidance for integration with other Microsoft offerings and Cloud services.

Microsoft Power Platform Services Bouquet

There are 4 main components of this Platform. Plus, Microsoft continues to add innovative features to the suite, like Dataverse, Power Pages/ Microsoft Build and more – making it all-inclusive.

Power BI Analytics Powered By Power BI Embedded White

Power BI

Data, Reporting and Analytics

Make your business intelligence work more for you with interactive Power BI platform by Microsoft. A set of applications and services that lets you derive brilliantly coherent and meaningful insights from your data. 

Powerapps Powerapps White Canvas

Power Apps

Swift and Easy App Development 


A low-code software development platform with brilliant tools and techniques for easy, swift and effective custom-built apps. It lets you create apps without the headaches of heavy infrastructural or programming needs and costs.

Power Automate Consulting Blue Power Automate Consulting White

Power Automate

Fine-tune the Flows 


AI-backed, smart and easy workflows to automate and optimize mundane, repetitive tasks. Power Automate integration lets your organization effectively bind diverse functions and departments through automated flows between apps and services.

Power Virtual Agent Power Virtual Agent White

Power Virtual Agents

AI-powered Chatbots  


An incredible capability to create and deploy sophisticated conversational Bots to handle customer, staff and other stakeholders’ queries and requirements. Lets you incorporate the splendid prowess of AI into your existing systems with an amazing ease!

Microsoft Dataverse Microsoft Dataverse White


Dataverse and more


Other components of Power Platform include Power Apps Component Framework (PCF), Dataverse – which is a low code SaaS that integrates easily with Power Platform and facilitates data storage and management for apps, Connectors, AI Builder, and Common Data Model.


Organisations need Power Platform consultants to make the best and most judicious use of this brilliant software suite. Microsoft certified, trained consultants and developers know and understand the platform like no other; they are updated of the latest and most relevant – and have experience of working with enterprises of varying scales, sizes and sectors. Most Microsoft partner consultants like atQor offer development services, and thus, have the capability to deploy personnel and resources to integrate off-the-shelf functionalities or develop bespoke solutions for all sorts of organizational needs. Consultants also enable and help enterprises save on costs and time for building and deploying these solutions – and also ensure that requisite security and compliance practices are put in place. They also can help for integrating Power Platform with Microsoft’s suite of services like Azure Cloud, Dynamics 365 etc.

Power Platform consists of 4 main components, namely Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents. The 5th component that’s relatively new is Power Pages. Power BI is driven for AI backed data integration and management and offers reports and analytics. Power Apps provides low code capability for swift and easier App development. Aimed at process automation, Power Automate, also called as the Flow, seamlessly ties the repetitive workflows for organisations. Power Virtual Agents, a Software-as-a-Service solution, allows businesses to create AI chatbots with relative ease and speed. The latest addition to the suite, Power Pages aim to enable website building, using Power Platform’s famed low-code capability.

The Microsoft Power Platform Consulting process is a step by step process that involves understanding the client’s business model, existing functions and needs, followed by strategy and planning. The entire process is run like clock-work to ensure client satisfaction, overall efficiency and productivity enhancement and timely delivery. Following are the key steps in the Power Platform Consulting process –


  • Requirement Gathering
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Design and Development
  • Integration and Implementation
  • Quality Assessment
  • Support and Maintenance

Yes. Power Platform components can be seamlessly integrated with all the other Microsoft solutions, including Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 etc. These functions can also be easily integrated with your existing apps and services. Services of a trusted Power Platform Consultant or a Microsoft Partner Developer can be of great assistance when your organization needs or wants to integrate its existing functionalities with Power Platform or Microsoft suite of services. 

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