Create the workplace that brings best out of your people and thrive your business with data-driven and people-centric solutions offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

Human resource management holds the center stage of an organization that brings the best out of employees and fuels growth by developing positive business culture and improved employee engagement. 


Hence organizations need to connect HR solutions that can drive success, engagement, and positivity. Dynamics 365 for HR develops a workplace that empowers employees through easy-to-use self-service HR solutions and tools that transform employee experience and bring elite values out of them. 


Dynamics 365 for HR is powered by Microsoft, which is designed and developed to better serve employees with data-driven workforce hierarchy, centralized data, and built-in security. The cloud-based HR solution can integrate with multiple Microsoft products and existing talent acquisition systems to find the best talent out of the considerable contenders and bring organizational agility.

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However, HR leaders are the strategic business partner that fuels growth when it comes to the business's overall health. So, it is prominent for an organization to provide the right tool and solutions to the HR department that can deliver substantial employee experience, manage business health, and make your people feel respected, authorized, and excited about the company goal.


So, it’s time now to transform your employee experience and unlock the limitless opportunities by developing the solution that your HR department and employee deserves by crafting solutions from top D365 HR consulting services provider atQor. We are seasoned HR software development company constructing HR web apps and software that aid businesses to streamline HR administrative tasks, HR management services, employee management tasks, and workforce planning. With competencies with back-end and front-end programming languages we develop cloud-based HR solutions that springs growth in your organization and employee experience.


What Makes us Maven in D365 HR Consulting Services?


  • Proven results in implementation and integration of Dynamics 365 solutions.


  • Experience of more than 22 years in providing consulting services in various fields and types of businesses.


  • We are armed with experts and specialists who have combined experience of more than 100 years in back-end and front-end programming languages.


  • We deliver apps developed on Azure cloud that have capabilities to store your unlimited in Azure Data lake, embbedd with Azure devops capabilities, and Azure SQL Database.


  • We understand your business unique requirement that’s why we develop solutions that springs limitless opportunities.


  • We go beyond our capabilities to meet your vision and we develop digtal experince that enable revolution within your business.   

End-to-End Application Development Services

Implementation Services White
Dynamics 365 HR Implementation

Reimagine your HR digital transformation with atQor HR implementation services that design your solution that is tailored to your business specific needs with accurate planning, analysis, and latest technology embedded inside.

Power BI Consulting White
Dynamics 365 HR Consulting

We stitch your solution that keeps your business moving forward with built-in technologies and services. Make atQor your HR consulting partner to empower your HR team with automation, flexibility, and agility.

Migration White
Dynamics 365 HR Migration

Improve your IT productivity and embark on cloud with confidence utilizing atQor’s Dynamics 365 HR migration services that keeps your business one step ahead and provide protection to your sensitive data on-premises, while on rest, or migrating.

Free Premium Microsoft Support White
Dynamics 365 HR Support

Concentrate on what’s important leave the rest to us, get agile support services during your HR web app downtime or stoppage we instantly provide aid to make your HR service steady in quick time with minimal interruption. Our HR support services includes timely app update, regular maintenance, and constant support.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR Software Development?

Improving your employee experience have proven results of better engagement, positivity, and impact on business culture. The company who better understands their people have experienced extraordinary outcomes in-form of more collaboration, retention rate, and positivity in working.


Hence Dynamics 365 HR software is capable of what the employees and HR department needs. It understands your people better and spark lives into business culture to bring best out of your employees and focus on employees’ strengths rather than on helping them to improve their weakness to bring more positivity and creativity. 



Our Positive Approaches that Design Impactful Solution for your Business Culture


Developing solutions is not just coding, but it is a perception that every business dreams of; that is why we develop solutions that are crafted and tailored with the right mindset, expertise, and emotions.


Our positive approaches are customer-centric and sentiment-capturing that understand your business culture and craft solution that thrives your business and employees: 

Analyze And Prioritize Analyze And Prioritize White

We initially identify your business needs towards adoption of solution before we go ahead with any planning or deployment talk. 

Planning Blue Planning White

We plan your pathway that thrives your business and takes the organization one step closer to its aim. 

Design And Personalization Considerations Design And Personalization Considerations White

We design your vision with the support of our expertise and experienced developers that satisfy your business's unique needs. 

Implementation Blue Implementation White

We implement your concept featured and equipped with your vision and developed our skills to achieve your business objective faster.

Training Training White

We train your workforce to achieve maximum outcomes with minimum effort using modern and innovative solutions designed to enhance the employment experience.

Support And Maintenance Blue Support And Maintenance White

We support your goal till it achieves its aim by providing continuous care and maintenance concerns. 

What is the Pricing of Developing Dynamics 365 Human Resources?


For professionals in human resources, it is typically licensed as full users. However, the user outside the organization may get licensed through team members, human resource self-service, or activity user licenses. The organization that is a complete or fully human resource licensed user is automatically entitled to 2000 customer voice responses per tenant per month. To buy extra customer voice response packs -- organizations can purchase packs of 1000/per tenant/month.


The affordable pricing of Human Resource solution that enhances the workforce is as follows: 


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* Prices of Dynamics 365 Human Resource are subject to change as per Microsoft updates and change in cost. Get in touch with our sales for latest pricing and licensing cost. 

People-Centric Exclusive Benefits of Dynamics 365 HR

Enhancing employee experience, people analytics, and improving business culture is the priority need of HR and employees; it is also trending the biggest trend in the current corporate world. The benefits of Dynamics 365 HR solutions satisfy all the trends and needs of the contemporary collective world.

Experience Blue Experience White

Revolutionary Employee Experience

Empowering the employee makes employees thrive – with d365 HR solutions, employees can thrive using self-service HR solutions and seamlessly view and submit leave requests from one unified platform. HR solutions enable managers with the right tools to complete tasks faster, automate routine tasks, and view employee profiles to connect with other departments quickly.

Loyalty Program Management Blue Loyalty Program Management White

Streamline HR Programmes

Dynamics 365 HR solutions are built and developed to streamline HR programs. Hence with D365 HR solutions HR department can leverage the benefits of developing a compensation program based on specified guidelines and improve recruitment with the integration of LinkedIn Talent Solution to find suitable talent for the right post. Moreover, HR solutions aid the HR department with transforming administrative benefits packages and connect your existing payroll system with D365 finance for better collaboration and financial visibility.

Organizational Agility Blue Organizational Agility White

Elevate Organizational Agility

Dynamics 365 for HR solutions can reduce the complexity of HR tasks. The cloud-based HR solution can simplify HR administrative tasks by automating repetitive tasks and workflows. It can seamlessly integrate with third-party HR solutions, including talent management, LinkedIn, and payroll system, to streamline the HR task and build the HCM ecosystem. Moreover, with the best HR d365 implementation service provider, organizations can build customized HR solutions that satisfy HR department needs and elevate agility.

Reporting, Analytics And Insights Blue Reporting, Analytics And Insights White

Enable Workforce Insights

Integrating Power BI and Power App platform D365 for HR can deliver workforce insights that aid the HR department with improved workforce planning. The HR department can view, analyze, and manage complete human resource data from one centralized platform from any device. To centralize all human resources data, the D365 HR solution uses Microsoft Dataverse, reduces complexity, and provides meaningful insight for better visibility and making the right talent management decisions. 

Collaborative Approach Blue Collaborative Approach White

Collaborative Competencies

The modern HR tool is collaborative and interconnected with HR, employees, management, and operation data. Such collaborative and connected features benefit organizations in tracking and analyzing HR programs, employee performance, organizational culture, and employee sentiments. Moreover, with insightful workforce data and collaborative competencies of D365 HR solutions, HR can design and develop a workplace where people and businesses can thrive. 

Enable Flexibility And Scalability Blue Enable Flexibility And Scalability White

Induce Flexibility

Dynamics 365 HR solutions are highly flexible that effortlessly satisfy your business needs by connecting multiple Microsoft applications and third-party solutions. Moreover, the integration of Power BI and Power Apps gives the user flexibility to access human resource data, features, and reports from any device anytime. Such flexibility in the D365 HR solution can enhance business efficiency, productivity, and proficiency. It also allows HR to identify bright spots in the business and develop accurate employee development strategies.

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