Critical, constructive customer feedback, its meaningful use to take informed decisions, and resourceful calibrations accordingly can transform your business. Make it a habit with D365 Customer Voice.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite is revolutionizing the way businesses work with 360 degree solutions to automate workflows/processes, along with AI-backed productivity applications, ensuring higher efficiency and unmatched connectedness – across departments and verticals. With its latest solution Customer Voice, Dynamics 365 brings to fore an integral business aspect. Customers are the most prized asset for any venture. Using their feedback/ voice constructively to take smarter, informed decisions can truly help businesses create far more meaningful client experiences – and hence long-term loyalty and growth.


With D365 Customer Voice, you can manage your Customer Feedback and Voice to gain intelligent insights, which then help you uncover deeper and often overlooked or missed aspects of your service or business. Enabling proactive action, D365 Customer Voice lets business owners and managers listen to every customer story – which encourages impactful change. This also translates to stronger connections with your customers, which means they are more likely to return to you – as well as recommend you ahead. Wish to get this amazing benefit? Get in touch with aatQor Dynamics 365 expert to understand how this will work for your organization or business.

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The omnichannel feedback, which you can organize and collect quickly with Customer Voice solution by Microsoft Dynamics 365 can also help you create personalized journeys as well as take swift, corrective follow-up actions, wherever, whenever needed. A Dynamics 365 consultant partner like atQor can help you get this solution as well as integrate it with other aspects of your business and other Microsoft solutions you have been using. D365 consulting services help you make the most of your technical investments and efforts. With Microsoft certified expertise, you can be sure of getting the best and most updated know-how for even the newest solutions like Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.


Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Voice


Copilot is designed to avoid repetitive customer sales and service tasks. It integrates with real-time insights and helps businesses diagnose problems, look for solutions, and give relevant, personalized information by adding the right tone of voice. 

Capabilities of D365 Customer Voice

Survey Creation White
Survey Creation

Generate easy-to-use surveys. Scalable and customizable, robust surveys help collect data from the right audience at the right time and place.

Omnichannel Loops White
Omnichannel Loops

You can reach your customers across multiple engagement platforms/channels, which helps understand customer satisfaction and concerns at various points of their journey.

Deeper Insights White
Deeper Insights

Profound understanding of customer experiences through an understanding of critical junctures in client journeys, expectations etc. This can be shared with other departments.

Enabling Proactive Action White
Enabling Proactive Action

With deeper customer understanding and data driven decisions, you can customize your future interactions and take corrective actions, where needed.

What can I do with D365 Customer Voice? 


  • D365 Customer Voice is a customer feedback management solution, which allows organizations to seamlessly collect and analyze client feedback, across multiple channels like email, web, mobile, social media and SMS.


  • You get built-in, readymade templates to create surveys. The customizable surveys allow for advanced options like branching, skip logic, response validation etc. and also have the standardized popular survey styles like Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys, CSAT or customer satisfaction surveys and employee engagement surveys.


  • You also get real-time dashboards and reports, which help you analyze data and gain profound understanding of customer expectations and experiences.


  • Customer Voice tool easily integrates with other Microsoft applications like Power BI, Dynamics 365 suite, Teams etc.

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