Reimage Customer Relationships with unmatched speed, scalability & agility of D365 CE, as you personalize experiences, optimize operations & exceed expectations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is a cloud-based CRM that’s designed to help businesses manage customer interactions and relationships, as these processes are tied seamlessly to Sales, Marketing, Internal Relations and Services arms of the business. D365 CE, as it’s widely known, is an interconnected SaaS application, which offers a suite of smart features and automation tools – within a single platform – to enable and empower companies to track leads and opportunities, customize customer journeys, manage sales pipelines, measure campaigns and measure their effectiveness, connect field services better, automate sales/ marketing processes, manage cases/ knowledge and more.


Integrable and customizable, Dynamics 365 services are flexible and scalable, and can add great value to any business. Dynamics 365 CE is fast becoming one of the most accepted CRM solutions, as it offers exceptional convenience due to its integration with other Microsoft products like Power Platform, MS Teams etc., thereby providing businesses with a complete, one-stop ecosystem of productivity and cloud-based automation tools. The pricing options are flexible and transparent, which ensures that client organizations pay as they go and only for the service/ license they avail.

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With a trusted and experienced Microsoft Solutions Partner like atQor, you can be sure of getting Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement solution configured and customized for your business, as per your unique needs. Dynamics 365 consulting services help you optimize the platform you choose to the best of its offerings, while letting you get higher ROI on your tech-investments. Out certified and well-trained Microsoft D365 consultants offer latest, updated information and deployment, integration, migration and configuration options – so that D365 and D365 CE work better for you and your team.

What are the 3 modules of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Sales Module White
Sales Module

Track leads, potential clients, manage sales pipelines, automate processes.

Marketing Module White
Marketing Module

Create/ manage campaigns, track interactions & derive insights, measure campaign effectiveness.

Customer Service Module White
Customer Service Module

Case management, Knowledge Management, Self-Service portals.

Why Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement?

The Customer Engagement solution by Microsoft Dynamics 365 covers all aspects of customer engagement and customer relationship management. It is a comprehensive solution, and offers a variety of licensing options. Besides this, there are many other benefits of getting this for your organization –

Customer Delight Blue Customer Delight White

Customer Delight

Personalized experiences, improved case management, intuitive solutions/resolutions, connected experiences, tailored journeys.

Timely Delivery Blue Timely Delivery White

Faster Resolution

Of customer issues at every touchpoint, including swift field services, self-service options and even alternate reality and AI-backed solutions.

Optimized Service Operations Blue Optimized Service Operations White

Optimized Service Operations

With reduced service costs, ensuring great customer satisfaction and omnichannel availability. 

Connected Experiences Blue Connected Experiences White

Connected Experiences

With IoT and AI; overall customer journeys are delightfully personalized. Service requirements are reduced; natural evolution of self-service management.

Flexible Payment Options Blue Flexible Payment Options White

Flexible Payment Options

So you pay only for the module and license you choose. Can be scaled easily later, by getting Attach licenses, as & when needed.

Better Team Collaboration Blue Better Team Collaboration White

Better Team Collaboration

Elevated employee effectiveness, as the efforts and snags are reduced, and teams are empowered with connectivity & service tools.

Why a Dynamics 365 Consultant like atQor?

Let atQor consultants understand your business, system and requirements, and come up with a proper plan and implementation strategy.

Field changes, database changes, security settings, notification changes, alignment with departments & functions – to make the CRM work for your business.

From tweaking tools to major cloud setting changes, adding functionalities, custom-apps development and server side changes.

Helping you handle the critical processes like data migration from a legacy system to integrating the new CRM with existing systems and other third party software.

Let your team and business get aligned with the Dynamics 365 CE solution with employee training, orientation and on-demand support, during and after deployment.

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