Turn your Retail business into a money magnet with enhanced and precise decisiveness, customer experiences and relationships, operations, connectedness, sales and more - with Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite’s tailored solutions for the Retail Industry.

Retail implies selling of a product/ service directly to its end-user. In simple words, it is B (business) to C (consumer) transaction. Retail business ideally must maintain an appealing, friendly public face. A lot goes behind the scenes to keep up that glossy shopfront, though. The retain supply chains are complex and cumbersome. Plus, there always are the other mandatory operational sides of the business. Inventory management, warehousing and managing/ tracking customer experience, customer relationships and during & after sales services/ efforts are paramount in retail businesses. Connectedness and well-oiled, seamlessly churning processes are a must. However, in a world that seems to be continually in a flux, keeping up with every business aspect can be challenging. Not anymore, though! With Microsoft Dynamics 365 enabled digital transformation solutions for the Retail Industry – connectedness at all levels is simply one of the umpteen benefits. D365 for Retail helps businesses truly do a lot more with a lot less! You can effectively and swiftly revolutionize and automate all of your business processes with Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management Solutions.

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atQor is a Microsoft solutions partner, trusted and experienced globally. With our team of certified experts, you can understand, plan and strategize to assess and get customized end-to-end solutions for Dynamics 365 suite and its specific retail modules - fit for your retail chain or departmental store operations and needs. atQor has helped businesses with Dynamics RMS solutions across the globe, in countries like India, United States of America and Canada.

A retail business has extreme facets, and tying it all together with automation solutions, unified data platforms and intuitive apps and tools can be a great boon. Our experts will curate and integrate the best of CRM, ERP, staffing, data & analytics, ecommerce, merchandising, multi-channel operations and more such solutions for your retail enterprise - with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail Management suite. Even during the periods of peak demand, d365 retail, which comes in a flexible, pay-as-you-go licensing format, offering CRM, ERP, Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Finance and Operations modules. atQor developers can help you pick and choose the best functions for the size, scale and nature of your retail business, thereby ensuring cost effective, customer oriented, flexible and fast implementation.


Dynamics 365 implementation for a retail company


Overall, the process of using Dynamics 365 for Retail includes setting up the system, managing inventory, processing sales transactions, managing e-commerce channels, managing customers, and getting insights into company performance through analytics and reporting.


1. Configuring the system: The first step is to configure Dynamics 365 for Retail to meet the unique requirements of the company. This includes setting up business rules, user roles, and security permissions, as well as configuring the system's different modules and features.


2. Inventory management: Retailers can use Dynamics 365 for Retail to manage their inventory once the system is set up. This involves monitoring inventory levels, controlling purchase orders and receipts, and restocking goods as required. By providing retailers with real-time insight into inventory levels across all sales channels, the system enables them to prevent stockouts and guarantee that the right products are available at the right time.


3. Point of sale: Retailers can manage their sales transactions across all sales channels, including brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce platforms, and mobile devices, due to Dynamics 365 for Retail's fully integrated POS system. The system provides features such as returns and exchanges, loyalty programmes, and real-time inventory updates, and it accepts a variety of payment options like credit and debit cards, mobile payments, and gift cards.


4. E-commerce integration: Dynamics 365 for Retail can be integrated with a variety of e-commerce systems, including Shopify and Magento. This means that retailers can manage their online sales channels from within the Dynamics 365 platform. This includes managing product listings, updating inventory levels, and processing orders.


5. Customer Management: Dynamics 365 for Retail has a CRM module that helps retailers maintain track of their customer interactions and preferences, personalise marketing communications, and execute targeted promotions. Retailers can use the system to build strong customer relationships and increase sales because it gives them a complete picture of the consumer, including their purchasing history, preferences, and demographics.


6. Reporting and analytics: Dynamics 365 for Retail offers robust analytics and reporting features that allow retailers to gain insights into consumer behaviour, inventory performance, and the overall operations of the company. The system includes a variety of pre-built reports and dashboards, as well as the ability to build custom visualisations and reports.

What can we do with D365 for Retail Business?

A business is a complex set of operations and processes - many of them interdependent on each other as well as on external factors. D365 by Microsoft considers these dependencies, offering a comprehensive, customizable solution, in tune with your business/ industry needs. For retails sector, you can use this brilliant, AI-backed software suite, comprising multiple functionalities, apps and tools to –

Analytics Powered Analytics Powered White

Refine the decision-making process with customizable, intuitive analytics to ensure taking right decisions at the right time – for the right target audience/ concern.

Seamless Collaboration Blue[1] Seamless Collaboration White[1]

Create and manage a tight & sustainable supply chain that works seamlessly – with automated and smoothened mundane tasks. Use POS app on any device to delegate effectively!

Applications Applications White

Build and foster a resilient, agile business, hyper-connected with workflows, smart dashboards and latest IoT, AI, Mixed Reality/ ML solutions. Create your apps; improve management protocols.

Microsoft Dataverse Microsoft Dataverse White

Employ Microsoft Dataverse to seamlessly connect your business intelligence across all your operations and retail systems. Monitor your systems in or near real-time.

Define Customer Experience Maturity Define Customer Experience Maturity White

Deliver exceptional customer experiences as you create personalized journeys with Sales & Marketing modules, follow leads, communicate effectively across channels.

Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime Blue Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime White

Tie your teams together across locations, stores, warehouses, billing desks, customer service etc. with intelligent systems, which reduce errors and enhance productivity.

Capabilities of Dynamics 365 Retail Management Solutions Software

While Microsoft D365 suite comprises a omni-channel suite of diverse features and capabilities, extending to all verticals and parameters of a retail business, we highlight a few key capabilities to automate and ease myriad tasks like –


1. Loyalty Program/s Management
2. Point of Sale – PoS
3. Merchandising
4. Returns Management
5. Retail Analytics
6. Gift and Store Cards


Reimagine Retail with atQor and Microsoft Dynamics RMS


With smart Cloud-based retail management solutions by Dynamics 365 suite – we can help you at every step of your business. As you know your shoppers better, engage them effectively at every touchpoint and empower your store operations like never before – with Microsoft D365 AI-backed automation tools and applications, atQor experts handhold your personnel through the process of –

Strategy Existing Data And Strategy Gathering White


Deep dive to understand how your business processes work to deliver strategic and targeted Microsoft Retail Solutions – tailor-made for your business.

Capacity Planning Capacity Planning White


Right from choosing the modules to licenses and security options, our team, in tandem with your vision and team, plans in detail to ensure best ROIs for you.

Data Integration Blue Data Integration White


Seamlessly integrating D365 RMS with your legacy system, existing workflows, departments and functions of your business.

Customization Blue Customization White


Choosing best practices and capabilities, as per your business needs and current systems. Creating and deploying custom apps and features.

Consultation & Implementation Blue Consultation & Implementation White


Step-by-step deployment of retail-specific solutions by Dynamics 365 is done, so your teams get time to adapt and adopt effectively and comfortably.

Free Premium Microsoft Support Free Premium Microsoft Support White


Handholding of your tech and non-tech staff through the implementation and development process and after that for effective management and maintenance.

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