Application building at your fingertips! Empower people in your organization to build low-code, professional-grade applications swiftly with Microsoft Power Apps Development.

Microsoft Power Apps is a scalable, high-productivity solution by Microsoft. As you enable faster, more agile and intelligent app building and sharing, Power Apps helps you connect with underlying data platforms and convert manual business processes to digitized, automated versions with brilliant business logic and workflow features. Since more people are empowered to create and deploy apps, the need for technical assistance is lesser and development costs are considerably decreased.


The Power Apps platform permits you to leverage the low-code development capabilities to help tailor the professional apps to match your business requirements. It can also be used to extend or customize your existing apps. With this capability, you start quickly, can use brilliant features and tools like AI co-pilot, prebuilt templates, drag and drop simplicity and quick deployment options to your advantage. This enables faster process without compromises and advanced features.

Microsoft Power Apps

With atQor, you can enable your organization to not only seamlessly employ Power Apps to your advantage, but also integrate it well with Microsoft Power Platform and other Microsoft solutions. Many business owners in countries like America, Australia, India etc. are already reaping benefits of swift and seamless customized app development with Microsoft Power Apps. With atQor

as your Microsoft solutions partner, you can be sure of getting the most out of your tech investments.


Copilot in Power Apps Development


Adding Copilot into your Power Apps gives an idea of what type of application you require for your business, giving an accurate insight. Add Copilot control in your power apps and help users navigate through your app using natural language. 

Microsoft Power Apps Technology

Get the most out of your digitalization investments for your organization using Microsoft Power Apps Technology; atQor is one of the most reputed Microsoft partner & PowerApps vendors for its market-driven consulting services.

Main Capabilities of Microsoft Power Apps Development

Powerapps White Canvas
Canvas Apps

Design and build custom apps for mobile, web or tablet, in tune with the project scope, as you seamlessly access data from underlying sources. You can start from a blank canvas, or begin building using integrated Microsoft products like a Power BI dashboard.

Applications White
Model-driven Apps

Design leads the way, as you get the flexibility to create apps and sites with beautiful, responsive UI. You can use dataverse capability to configure forms, shapes, flows etc.

Personalized Portals White
The Portals

Create powerful experiences with external facing websites. This lets you share apps with external consumers. The capability allows development of low-code, responsive websites for external users.

Microsoft Dataverse White
Microsoft Dataverse

Store and model business data from a unified data platform by Microsoft. It’s included with Power Apps. Seamlessly connects with Dynamics 365 apps, as these are built on Dataverse platform.

Benefits of Power Apps Development

You can turn your ideas swiftly into a fully functional application or solution with Power Apps. The Microsoft tool is flexible, highly integrative and can help you develop/ open apps, portals, AI models and chatbots.

Customer Convenient Blue Customer Convenient White

Fast and Convenient – offers rapid app development

Low Code No Code Low Code No Code White

Resourceful – Do more with less; low cost, low-code

Customer Empowerment Customer Empowerment White

Empowers everyone – even the non-tech personnel

We Offer Solutions From The Solid Experience Of Creating We Offer Solutions From The Solid Experience Of Creating White

Turns ideas into reality with its solution-oriented simplicity

Custom Connectors And Premium Connections Blue Custom Connectors And Premium Connections White

Unifies data using a library of connectors and MS Dataverse

Scalable Blue Scalable White

Scalable with Azure and other platforms; allows extensibility to professional developers


Microsoft Power Apps is a low-code application development platform that empowers you to create custom business apps quickly and efficiently.

Power Apps offers a tiered licensing structure, allowing you to choose the plan that aligns with your development needs and user base. Here are some factors that influence cost:

    • App complexity: More intricate apps with extensive features may require a higher licensing tier.
    • Number of users: The number of users who will access your app affects the licensing cost.

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